What You Should Know About Dream Yoga?

What You Should Know About Dream Yoga

What You Should Know About Dream Yoga

Dream yoga can be described as a state in which we become awake within our dreams. We become aware that we are dreaming and we get to engage with our unconscious minds for spiritual growth, self-discovery, and even healing.

For centuries shamans, Aborigines, Tibetan Buddhists have practiced dream yoga. However, currently, it is becoming popular with scientific practitioners. These practitioners have understood that the illusions we experience in our dreams are what we physically encounter. 

Dream yoga first starts as lucid dreaming. In lucid dreaming, you are conscious of your dreams. In addition, you can do almost anything in your dreams. Dream yoga links you to the deeper aspects of your life.

Dream yoga goes beyond lucid dreaming in that when you know how to wake up in your dreams, you can transform your sleep into an experiment venue. You experience the deepest parts of reality while asleep. When you learn and understand your dream state, you will be able to enhance your awareness. It will also pull you closer to enlightenment.

When you practice dream yoga, the mind becomes open and flexible and we get to explore your mind and how powerful it can be.

How to Be Aware of Your Dreams for dream yoga?

  • Keep a diary of your dreams

Most of us have dreams every night. But if we try to remember what we dreamt about, there is no recollection. So how do we track our dreams? Start small and see if you can recall your dreams or even an image. If you remember one small thing, note it down first thing in the morning.

Writing down your dreams will help you be conscious about what you dream of and, it will also train the mind to remember.

  • Recite affirmations

Before you sleep, recite this affirmation: I remember my dreams. I can recall every dream  I have had.

Affirmations are positive thoughts that we put into our subconscious minds to help us achieve what we want. Hold this powerful intention to be mindful of what you dream and call to the universe to help you remember.

  • Sleep in a Calm Environment helps in dream yoga

Avoid things that will keep you hyper at night. Turn off your phone two hours before sleeping. The best way to keep yourself calm at night is to meditate for 30 minutes before sleeping. It will help you relax and prepare your mind for your dreams.

How To Do It?

  1. Take a few minutes to calm your mind and analyze your day. Appreciate how your day was and keep note of the negative feelings you may feel. Things you regret that happened during the day. Be aware of your regrets and appreciate the lessons these mistakes taught you. Thank everyone who contributed to your growth that day. Forgive yourself for where you might have done wrong. Once done, let go of any negative energy. You may now go to sleep in peace. To recharge your energy levels, sleep with your head facing north and lie on your right side to reduce pressure on your heart. Let your heart have a normal heartbeat.

2.  Imagine your bed is enclosed with a healing and regenerating light that flows through you when you sleep.      Imagine that this light draws all of the positive energy of the universe to you while you sleep. Get to bed and enjoy your sleep. Once you wake up, picture this light as a beautiful rainbow and absorb its energy into you.

  3. Another method to enhance your sleep and dreams is to lie in bed. Imagine that with each breath you take, you are filled with light. When you exhale, you let go of the negative energy in your body. Rest deeply and, when you awaken, you will feel fresh and ready to concur with the world.

  4. Increase Your Intake in Vitamin B

Eat foods rich in vitamin B such as bananas, kale, and spinach. Research studies have suggested that folic acid and vitamin B6 increase the chances of having lucid dreams.

  5. Practice Throat Chakra Meditation

The throat chakra is connected to the dream chakra in Tibetan Buddhism. When you focus and put your energy into your throat chakra, it will help enhance your lucid dreams.

Benefits of Dream Yoga

  • Dream yoga will assist you to be focused on the present. It will help you let go of your past. A dream does not involve the past but only the present
  • Increases your creativity and talent
  • Dream yoga may help you be innovative and enhance your mind to formulate new ideas that might help solve a problem.
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • In dream yoga, you can control your dreams and direct them where you want them to go.
  • The sense of control you feel while dreaming may help you feel empowered. Control of your dreams might act as therapy for those who experience nightmares. They can face their fears in their dreams.
  • May provide physical healing.
  • It may help shed addictions that are hard to stop.
  • Dream yoga may help improve performance in sports or at work.
  • You can learn to travel to other dimensions.
  • Once you understand how to utilize your dream powers, have a purpose to meet enlightened beings as you sleep. Ask them for advice on how you can grow and attain higher consciousness. 
  • Dream yoga is also a fun activity where you can travel to different planets. Take the body of any creature you wish to become. Dreams yoga gives you limitless options to choose from. It will help you recognize what you are not good at and provide solutions to overcome them.

As you learn and practice, dream yoga will heal you from your past and enable you to live your best life.

Final thoughts

When you practice dream yoga, you will be able to gain control over your dreams. You will also be able to do some tasks while sleeping. It’s a form of superpower one you learn how to master your dream state. You will get to understand yourself in ways you have never imagined and become a better version of yourself.