What Is Mindful Meditation and How Does It Work?


What Mindful Meditation Is All About?

I bet you have heard about mindful meditation. So what exactly does it mean and how to practice mindful meditation are some questions that comes to every mind? Mindful meditation is a kind of meditation that trains you on focusing and being aware of your current state. It requires you to be fully present at the moment, accepting any thoughts and emotions that arise without judgment.

In the current world that we live in, almost everyone is up and down on their feet. Working hard to make something out of themselves. It may end up being tiresome and full of stress due to the constant thinking and daydreaming of the future. Practicing mindful meditation may help reduce this kind of thinking, reduce negative emotions and calm your mind and body. Similar to channeling energies to achieve different benefits using laws of attraction, mindful meditation is also about going deeply inside to understand yourself.

How to Practice Mindful Meditation?

Mindful meditation is a simple practice that you can train yourself to do without a teacher. You don’t need any sophisticated materials. You can start anytime and anywhere you feel comfortable. Read ahead as we get to discuss simple ways in which you can start on your own.

Find a Comfortable Position

Get yourself a comfortable chair or you can also sit on the floor. Your neck, head, and back should be in an upright position but not stiff. If you are at home, it would be best to put on comfortable clothes. It will help you not to get distracted. However, since mindful meditation can be practiced anywhere and anytime, getting comfortable attire is not a big concern.

Remove Distractions

Take away anything that you may find that may distract you during mindfulness. Remove phones near you and switch off the Television. It will help to keep you focused and give maximum attention while meditating.

Remove Distractions for mindfulness

Get an Alarm

Mindful meditation requires practice. For experienced people, they may take several minutes or even hours but, for beginners, it might be a challenge in the beginning. However, you can start slow and progress as you get comfortable and train your mind.

 Practicing mindfulness for a few minutes a day might improve your life. Though getting an alarm is not necessary, you can consider getting a timer with a gentle alarm ring to help keep you on track. It might help you not get distracted and start doing other activities. There are mindful meditation 5 minutes sessions to start with which you can slowly increase to 10 minutes and more later on.

Concentrate on Your Breathing

Focus on your breathing. Notice how your body reacts, and your chest expands while you are breathing in and how it decompresses when you breathe out. Experience and pay attention to the temperature of the air when you inhale and exhale. Listen to every part of your body. If any part feels tense, release the tension and relax.

Observe Your Thoughts

The aim of mindful meditation is not to stop your thoughts; it works the opposite. Observe any thoughts that may arise as a spectator. Note them down, remain calm and let them pass without any judgment. Your role is to recognize your thoughts the same as how you can observe the clouds and let them pass.

 When you notice that your thoughts are carrying you away. Return your attention to your breathing. It’s normal to get carried away by emotions, don’t beat yourself over it. Observe what led you to that and bring your focus to the now and your breathing. The practice of bringing attention back to yourself is what we call mindful meditation.

Get a Meditation App

To some people, meditation may be difficult to practice by themselves. You can download an app to help guide you during meditation. There are several mindful meditation videos and apps to watch out for.


Improves Sleep

Mindful meditation to sleep will help you reduce stress and keep you at peace. It’s a recipe for peaceful and longer nights. It will help minimize sleep disturbances. You end up waking energized, ready to face the world.

Reduces Stress

Being stressed is not healthy and can cause other illnesses that were not even there in the beginning. So how best can you reduce or avoid stress? Stress can be minimized by practicing mindful meditation. It will help you to focus on the present and let go of the negative thoughts. You become more self-aware, and you can welcome peace into your life.

 Improves your Immunity

Mindful meditation keeps you at peace, and you end up avoiding stress. The effect of this is that you gain strength and your body reciprocates due to the positive energy that you feed it. Mental strength and focus keep you strong.

Reduces Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety may be caused by stress from overthinking, fear, and worry about the future. For this, mindful meditation to anxiety may be helpful as it will keep you grounded in the present. It will be clear to you that the present moment is all that we have and that it’s all that matters. Mindful meditation will help you let go of negative thoughts and keep you sane.

 Reduces Heart Rate

Heart disease is a big concern as it leads to a majority of deaths in the current world. Research has suggested that mindfulness meditation may help reduce the risks of getting heart diseases. The lack of stress and negativity may be contributing factors to this.

Improves Attention

When you have control of your attention and can control it, it means you have mastered yourself. Don’t let your mind and thoughts take over. Be in charge of your attention. Mindful meditation plays a role in enabling this.

Reduces Job Burnout

Mindful meditation gives you peace to your mind and body. You get to relax and reduce the stress you have faced during the day at your workplace. It will also contribute to working better and improving your work-life without neglecting your well-being.

 Final Thoughts

Having a few minutes to yourself to practice meditation may be what you most need. Mindful meditation is a great practice that you can incorporate into your daily life. It will boost your performance at work and you will get to enjoy life while you focus on the present moment. Even if you don’t do it daily, the little time you get to practice might be what might change your life.