What is Egyptian tarot? Major Arcana and their Meanings?

Egyptian Tarot
The Egyptian tarot is the most sacred, complex and precise of all tarot decks. Ready to step up your Egyptian tarot reading game? Read our guide on the Egyptian tarot and how to understand it.

The origin of Egyptian Tarot

Egyptian Tarot Origins

Egyptian Tarot cards are very mysterious. They have a mystical legend associated with their origins. This legend says that the Tarot comes from the Book of Thoth, written by the Egyptian god Thoth.
The arcana from the Tarot are a set of symbols and ideograms. The cards have 78 plates. They make up the Book of Thoth. 
The tarot cards that we know today are ideas of how these plates might have looked at that time.

What Makes Egyptian Tarot different?

Just like the other Tarot Cards, the Egyptian Tarot has two main groups: Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. 
There are no four suits such as wands, cups, swords, and pentacles in Egyptian tarots. The Minor Arcana each have their own name and represent scenes from the everyday life of a man. There are 56 cards in the Minor Arcana and 22 in the Major Arcana.
Each card has three parts. The upper part of the card represents the spiritual plane. The middle part of the card represents the mental plane. The bottom part represents the physical plane. 

Major Arcana in Egyptian Tarot

Major Arcana goes 0 to 21 in major tarots. The arcana goes 1 to 22 in Egyptian tarots.

1 . The Magus

The Magus

This card relates to number 1. It represents beginnings, unity, will, manifestation and the Divine Spirit of each person.

2. The Priestess

The Priestess

This card represents duality or the dual manifestation of unity. It also represents The Cosmic Mother, the feminine principle of the universe, and love.

3. The Empress


The third card is for creativity and productivity in spiritual and material aspects. It also represents the trinity and the three forces of creation.

4. The Emperor

The Emperor

The Emperor has four elements, solid foundations, and mercy.

5. The Hierarch


The Hierarch from the Egyptian tarot represents the law, analysis, and potential karma.

6. Indecision 

IndecisionIndecision represents the soul, temptation, the lover, and the appearances.

7. Triumph


Triumph represents struggle, battle, difficulty, and victory over those struggles.

8 . Justice


Justice symbolizes judgment, patience, karma and pain.

9. The Hermit


 The Hermit represents suffering, ordeals, Initiation, solitude and sex. 

10. Retribution


The Retribution is also known as The Wheel of Fortune. It represents the Wheel of Samsara, the law of action and consequence. It also depicts recurrences, money, material goods and the physical body.

11. Persuasion


Persuasion is the number 11 arcanum. It represents the law in favor, the mother, mercy and merits.

12. The Apostolate


The Apostolate is the arcanum number 12. It represents sacrifice, devotion to a cause and the decline of vital and material forces.

13. Immortality


Immortality represents death, both physical and mystical. It also represents a radical change. 

14. Temperance


 Temperance is the 14th arcanum. It represents marriage, friendship, relationships, association, willpower, discipline and virtue. It tells us to refrain from temptation.

15. Passion


Passion is the 15th arcanum. It is also known as The Devil. It symbolizes emotional or psychological imbalance, love failure, desires, and lust.

16. The Fragility


Fragility is the arcanum number 17. It is also known as The Fulminated Tower and is the Tower of Babel. It represents fear, failure and the fall.

17. Hope


Hope is the arcanum number 17. It represents the radiant star and eternal youth. This arcanum also represents patience, waiting and serenity. 

18. Twilight


Twilight is the number 18 arcanum in Egyptian Tarot. It represents both light and darkness. Also, symbolizes hidden enemies, disease and antagonism.

19. Inspiration


Inspiration is the arcanum 19. It represents love, alliance, and success. It guarantees total victory. Whether by one’s own efforts or with the support of others. This victory can come from different life aspects: economic, social, political, and moral.

20. Resurrection in Egyptian Tarot


The resurrection of the dead  is arcanum number 20. It represents a change by overcoming weaknesses by internal changes.

21. Transmutation


 Transmutation is the Egyptian tarot acranum number 21. It also represents the “fool” from the Tarot, the “lunatic” who wanders without direction. This card tells us to avoid making decisions in a negative state of mind.

22. Return


Return is the final arcanum. It represents enlightenment, the end of a cycle, the crown of life, and return to the light.

Learn Egyptian Tarot

Learn Egyptian Tarot

Final Words About Egyptian Tarot

The Egyptian tarot is deep, and filled with meaning. The Egyptian tarot is a tool to receive the messages from your spiritual guides. They also help to develop your intuition.