Three Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Many people today struggle and toil away for a sustained period because they are yet to discover the true essence of their existence and are left with chasing shadows. When the chips are down, and it seems you are on the road to nowhere in life, it may be time to look towards your inner guidance. The time may be right to awaken spiritually.

In this post, I take you through three signs of spiritual awakening and how to know when you are on your way to spiritual enlightenment. But before then, let’s take a look at what it means for your spirit man to be awake.

What is spiritual awakening?

Spiritual awakening refers to a state of deeper mental alertness and higher consciousness. This results in complete personal transformation and a change in how we view the world and everything around us.

When someone has been through a spiritual awakening, they see things from a new perspective. And they don’t live in dreamland, where they interpret things based on their ego. You become fully aware of the connection between you and everything in your surroundings.

Triggering spiritual awakening?

Spiritual awakening is a significant change or realization that does not just happen without reason. There is no rule of thumb as to what could lead to a spiritual awakening. However, some triggers have proven to lead people into this higher realm.

Some people experience awakening after a significant life-altering event. For some, it happens due to a near-death experience that they had, while it is a subtle and gradual shift for others. Here are some of the causes or triggers of spiritual awakening:

Profound life-changing occurrences

Major life-changing events have the potential to set anyone on the path of spiritual enlightenment. When these events happen, they tend to alter the cause of the direction of the person’s life. These events could be the passing of a loved one, a divorce, or a life-threatening illness.

A trauma

When people go through trauma, it takes a devastating toll on their emotional and physical well-being. For instance, people going through a traumatic experience deal with some form of abuse or the aftermath of surviving an accident. These people enter a healing period and could be on their way to a new spiritual birth.

Near-death encounter

This doesn’t require much explanation. There are instances where people come back from a near-death experience and recount their encounter with terrestrial beings from the spirit realm. This kind of experience is likely to alter such people’s reasoning trajectory and eventually lead them to spiritual awakening.

Having looked at some of the things that trigger spiritual awakening, here are three signs that show you are spiritually enlightened or are on your way and almost there.

Signs of spiritual awakening

You feel a sense of connection

Sense of connection

Many of us often thrive when we make the right connections. But real connection is tied to shared humanity. This can happen when you suddenly find yourself showing lots of interest in your community or paying attention to the welfare of everyone. This could include feeling a strong urge to help with community projects around your neighborhood.

You may also find yourself becoming more aware of the other creatures on our planet. You might start seeing them as cohabitants with you rather than some lower animals that could be trampled on. For instance, you might suddenly feel you need to change your mind about killing the mice in your home. But you want to trap them and relocate them somewhere else instead.

Sometimes one might also feel connected to nature. This connection might be in the form of a strong desire to preserve nature and save our world from pollution. Your newly found interest to make the world a much better place  for everyone around you.

You have no fear of death

One of the signs of spiritual awakening is that you tend to have no fear of death. Okay, we know death is the inevitable end of all men. However, when you find yourself in a realm where death is of little significance, it may be an indication that you have attained spiritual alertness.

Generally, as you become more awakened, you become stronger, and all fears gradually fade away. You will be less afraid of your death when you focus on living your present life to the fullest and helping others. When you see consciousness as going beyond a physical body, a physical death to the body won’t feel so tragic.

When you see death as a debt every human must pay in due time, your inner man is at peace. This helps in becoming fearless.

Your intuition increases

Intuition increases

Have you ever walked into a place and felt something odd about being there? Felt negative vibes whenever you are around a particular person without even understanding why? Ever thought of an old friend you haven’t seen for years only to bump into them at the mall or grocery store a few days later?

All these are signs of intuition. If you’ve ever experienced any of these, there’s a high chance your intuition has come to life, which is one of the major signs of spiritual awakening.

Final thoughts:

Paying attention and looking out for the signs of spiritual awakening discussed above will always be a great start. When you are spiritually awake, you discover yourself anew, and it becomes easier to manifest your heart desires and be a magnet for positive and progressive energy.

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