The Power of Imagination – How It Can Help Improve Your Life

Power of Imagination

To understand power of imagination, first understand what imagination means. The word “imagination” is probably one of the most commonly used terms in our everyday life. If I had a dollar each time I heard that word, I would be swimming in loads of money already. However, many people fail to understand how powerful it is or how it can help shape their lives and make them a better version of themselves.

Another word for imagination is visualization. It is the process of deploying the mind’s creative power to get what you want out of life. Imagination comes from the boundless realm of the mind and it possesses so much power beyond what we can comprehend. You can also see imagination as a special force that empowers you to leverage your creative inner man.

Never underestimate the power of your imagination.

Doing so would be a huge mistake. Think of all the great inventions around us as well as all the gadgets you currently own and use. They all started from someone’s imagination. The good thing is, you can leverage the same creative power and create your own realities. Think of the wonderful career you want to have, the financial freedom you want to attain, and all the good things of life you want to experience. You can make them happen by first putting your imagination to work.

Have you ever wondered why some people achieve more success than others? Even though they are on the same career path? Hard work you may want to say. But there’s more to all those overwhelming successes you see. These people can see what others can’t see and they have mastered that art of applying it in their chosen careers.

Whether it’s a sportsman trying to break a certain world record, an engineer trying to come up with an ingenious design, or a musician looking to write his next hit song, they all have one thing in common. They are leveraging the power of their imagination to get above-average results in their crafts.

How does imagination work?


Understanding the concept of imagination is pretty straightforward. You can compare it to a kind of mental movie, where you see a picture or of your goals and aspirations in your mind. When you put your imagination to work, you form an image of what you are planning to achieve as well as how you will achieve it. The power of imagination is one of the greatest gifts to man, and we’ve all got it. You only need to nurture and train your mind to tap into the huge potential of this unique ability.

Analyzing Power of Imagination

Every one of us already possesses the ability of imagination. For example, let’s analyze the behavior of children. They provide a good illustration of all we need to know about this concept. The main goal of toy manufacturers is to develop and engage the imaginative ability of kids. For example, when a child plays with a doll, she behaves and acts like she’s carrying and playing with a real baby. We also see the same concept at work when a child handles a toy airplane. The child in his mind quickly becomes a “real” pilot and pictures himself in the cockpit, flying that airplane in real-time. Now, those children are actively leveraging the power of imagination in both scenarios even though they may not realize it.

As these kids grow older, they tend to use their imagination less because they get lots of distractions from other activities. However, some of them continue to engage their imaginative ability into adulthood. And that’s because of the creative nature of their professions.  

What Creative Professionals do?

Creative professions such as sculpture, graphics design, decorating, architecture, advertising, and painting, require people to generate an image of the required outcome using their imagination. They have to make use of their five senses: taste, sound, smell, touch, and sight. A typical real-world application of this is when a chef imagines the taste and feel of a particular flavor before preparing and blending it. Another example is a graphic designer who paints a picture of a design in his mind before he gradually turns it into reality using his creative prowess.

The application of the Power of imagination in everyday life

Overcoming anxiety and fear

The power of imagination can be extremely helpful when trying to deal with emotional challenges such as anxiety and fear. For example, visualizations and affirmations can help restore calm in people who are afraid and anxious about an upcoming examination or interview. It can also help people manage irrational anxieties such as flying or the fear of snakes or spiders.

In the above scenarios, our subconscious mind is trained to interpret the distressing situation rather positively. For example, you can allay your fears of an upcoming event by putting your imaginative ability to work. You can start with some positive affirmations and visualization exercises days or weeks before the event. That way, you will be reconditioning your mind to live about your fears and worries.

Enhancing performance

Power of Imagination enhances performance

The power of imagination can help you see situations and events from different angles, especially when you have to deal with the pressure to perform. Successful athletes are masters at leveraging their imaginative ability and visualization. Public speakers are also not left out. Through visualization, which is also known as mental rehearsal, you can train your mind to create the desired outcome for any upcoming event.

For example, you may see sports people going into the arena or venue to have a feel of the place before the day of the event. While they are there, they try to imagine and visualize themselves performing and listening to the motivating cheers from the crowd.

Attaining career goals

It is almost impossible to excel in your chosen career without the power of imagination. It is a huge determining factor in your choice of career path and your chances of success in that career. For example, when you develop a habit of visualizing yourself succeeding and achieving excellence in your career regularly, you are already preparing the ground for seamless application of your skills.

When you leverage the power of imagination, you tap into a wealth of information in your subconscious – knowledge, and information from your past, as well as your life experiences. Also, putting your imagination to work sometimes gives you valuable insights into intuitive concepts and innovation beyond the conscious awareness of your career possibilities.

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