Signs your Manifestation is Close

signs your manifestation is close

Do you want to know the signs your manifestation is close? Okay, you are trying to manifest a specific outcome. You’ve applied every tip and on the law of attraction on all that. You’ve practically done your homework and left no stone unturned. You started by setting your intentions and goals and lifted yourself into a realm of gratitude. You’ve sent your request to the universe, and then you are waiting for the universe to make your dream come true and give you your heart’s desire.

But are there any signs your manifestation is close? One of the most daunting challenges is trying to figure out when your manifestation is within reach. This can sometimes confuse some people and cause them to develop negative vibrations that further complicate things and distract them from aligning with the universe.

If you want to know the signs your manifestation is close, read this post to the end. Here are some obvious signs your manifestation is within reach.

Signs your manifestation is close when it feels like the manifestation has happened already

There may be times when you are trying to manifest something, and then you forget that you are yet to receive that thing. You may find yourself making plans only to realize that you are yet to receive what you need to execute the plans.

For instance, you may have been trying to manifest a specific amount of real spendable cash. You realize that you’ve started packing your things and preparing to go on vacation, forgetting that the cash you need for the trip is not yet visible in your reality.

This is where you need to pay attention to how you feel. If you find yourself getting excited and enthusiastic, there’s a high chance your manifestation is just by the corner.

However, if you start feeling down and unmotivated, It could signify you are still a long way off.

You are at peace

You are at peace

One of the things you need to be doing when you are waiting for your manifestation is paying attention to your feelings and vibrations. You might find yourself feeling calm and having total peace within you despite all the challenges and external pressure.

If you feel that way, get ready, your manifestation may be within touching distance. Sometimes, your readiness determines how fast you will manifest your heart desires. When you desperately cling and grasp, you are subconsciously standing in the way of your manifestation.

But when you feel calm and relaxed without much pressure or worry, with a strong conviction that they will deliver what you asked for, you are on your way to manifesting your dreams.

You start getting “subtle messages”

Have you ever been in a difficult situation and stressed up, then you step out of your home only to meet a random person wearing a shirt that contains words of encouragement for your exact situation? Or maybe you are in a mall, and then blasting from the loudspeaker are messages about the outcome you are trying to manifest. Or you bumped into a childhood friend who helped you with the exact thing you needed to facilitate your manifestation.

When these occurrences happen, they indicate that you are on the right track in your law of attraction and manifestation journey. They are subtle messages the universe has sent you, and they are good signs that your manifestation is close.

You are in alignment with the universe

When we talk of manifestation, it’s also the same thing as being a co-creator with the universe. Everything around us is energy, including what you are trying to manifest. The universe’s energy vibrates at the highest frequency possible.

If you can get your vibrational energy to align with the universe, manifesting your dreams will come almost naturally to you.

You consistently see angel numbers

One of the obvious signs your manifestation is close is that you may see angel numbers frequently. If you don’t know what angels numbers are, they are signals, usually in the form of number patterns sent from your guidance angels.

Examples of angel numbers include 444, 222, 611, 333, and so on. A common angel number that people see often is 11:11, which usually happens when they look at the clock or their wristwatch.

When you see any of these angel numbers, the ascended masters are trying to send you an important message. Different angel numbers have their unique meanings and interpretations. When you are awaiting your manifestation and see an angel number, it’s a divine sign that you are in sync with the universe.

Seeing angel numbers is similar to the universe winking at you and reminding you that you are not alone in your journey. It’s a sign that you are under the guidance and supervision of a divine force that is greater than the physical realm.

Your intuition gives you a confirmation

Intuition gives a confirmation

Another word for intuition is “gut feeling,” and it’s your subconscious mind and knowledge making decisions and telling you things that usually defile logic. And your intuition is always right most of the time, provided you have developed yourself to live intuitively.

Once you align with your intuition, it’s time to start listening to what it is saying about your manifestation. It will likely give you some helpful signals.

Visualize the specific outcome you are trying to manifest, and then listen to your intuition; watch out for the signs. If you feel any unpleasant sign, such as the tightening of your stomach or the clinching of your buttocks,  it’s a sign you are not there yet.

However, if you visualize the outcome you want to manifest and feel extremely calm and relaxed in your body, it’s one of the obvious signs your manifestation is close.

Final thoughts

While it’s vital to ensure you tick all the right boxes when trying to manifest the life of your dreams, it’s also crucial to pay attention to the above signs to know if you are in sync with the universe. And if you find that you are miles away from your manifestation, you can make adjustments appropriately.

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