Manifest Love: 5 Steps to Finding your Perfect Match

Manifest Love

Currently finding and manifest love seems impossible. Especially, due to things like social distancing, lockdowns, closing of restaurants and clubs. There are very few places to hang out, meet new people and enjoy time with each other.

 It might seem all gloomy and, you may end up giving up on finding your perfect match. However, not everything is bad news. While dating conditions are not conducive, you can practice other activities on how to attract your next partner. That includes manifesting-love.

What does Manifestation Mean to Someone New to that Word?

Manifestation is deliberately creating your reality through thoughts and attraction. We are all manifesting our lives daily. Either consciously or not. It is up to us to take charge of that power and create the reality that we envision. To manifest what you want requires you to be conscious and deliberate in all that you do. Try to imagine yourself as a magnet attracting what you think and feel.

Why Have I Not Found My Soulmate?

You can manifest your lover. It is achievable sometimes even with someone specific. However, before we proceed, it is crucial to understand why your efforts do not bring forth results when searching for a partner.

Some common factors may be holding you back from finding your soul mate and, they include:

  • You have not let go of your past.

It is hard to find or manifest love if you have unfinished business in your past. Possibly you have never been able to find closure in a past relationship that did not end well. Or there is one specific ex who you are not willing to let go

  • You have shut yourself down.

Maybe the trauma you had in a past relationship or a bad breakup has made you shut down consciously. You may be thinking you’re protecting yourself from future heartbreak. But you are pushing yourself away from manifesting love.

  • You have given up

When you have been looking for love for a long time, you may end up feeling discouraged. You. will find yourself losing hope. The thought of spending life with your soulmate may seem like a fairytale to you due to the disappointments you have had. Giving up might result in you getting into mediocre relationships instead of finding your perfect match.

Given Up















5 Steps to Manifesting Love

Well, let us dive into the good part. If you want to manifest love quickly, you need to learn to look for it intentionally. What this means is that your vibrational frequency should match your thoughts and feelings to attract love. Have a clear vision of what you would want in your relationship.

The universe can not aid us to find our soulmates if we do not know what we want. Here is what you need to know about manifesting love for yourself.

  1.   Be Decisive on What You Want

Before anything else, have a clear picture of what you want your relationship to look like. Take time and write down what exactly you want your ideal partner to have. Have a vision and plant the seed in your mind on how you want your relationship to feel. Do not think about the how but plant the seed. You have to raise your vibration to manifest love and not to figure out how it will happen.

  1.   Have a Vision

Have a clear vision in your mind of what you want. It can get all exciting fantasizing about your ideal partner. Having a clear dream is good as it puts you in a high vibrational frequency to attract your ideal partner. Write the qualities you want in them down.

You can ask Yourself the following questions about the kind of partner you want

  • Five words to describe your ideal partner
  • How do you want your partner to treat you?
  • What kind of partner can help you achieve your goals?
  • What personality traits attract you to someone?
  • When you get an understanding of some of these questions, it will help to keep you focused on what you want 
  1.   Love Yourself

You cannot find love if you do not love yourself. It is an old saying but, for sure, it is true. To successfully manifest your one true love, you need to love and accept yourself fully. You attract what you are. If you lack confidence and you are always negative, you will attract exactly that. But if you love yourself and you know what you bring to the table you will attract what you offer to the universe.

Looking for love intentionally requires you to form a deep loving connection with yourself. You can perform simple activities to form that bond with yourself like, making time for self-care and reducing your limiting beliefs.

  1.   Take Action

When you have done the above, it is time now to take action. If your ideal person appears, accept them. Learn to show interest to potential partners and be willing to go on dates with them. Show interest to partners who have the qualities that you desire and, for those that do not, you let them go. When you take action, it’s a clear message to the universe to keep sending and attracting potential partners your way.

Take Action

  1.   Let Go

The last stage to manifest love involves being patient. It is not an easy stage. But, you need to trust yourself and the universe that it will grant you your desires. Surrender yourself without any attachment to one specific person.

Do not get worried about when you will find your soulmate. The universe may surprise you and, you may meet someone you never imagined would be your soulmate. 15years later, you may look back and realize why it did not work with all the other ones.

Finally, do you need a free manifestation planner? It will guide you on how to use the law of attraction. You will be able to achieve your desires, and that includes manifesting love. Check out the manifestation planner to keep track of your daily activities and help you achieve your goals and what you desire.