How to Use Numerology to Know What Your Birth Date Means for Your Life

Numerology to Know What Your Birth Date

In numerology, numbers influence a person’s life. You can use numerology to know your life path, destiny, soul purpose, and our karmic lessons. Your birthdate and name provide numerical insights related to personality and character traits. It even shares the greater purpose of your life.

This article shares the life path numbers, and their meanings using the birth date. Life path numbers give you a hint of who you are and your soul mission on earth. It also highlights your higher purpose, gifts, talents, strengths, weaknesses, and ambition. 
They can also provide reasons for your life experiences and passions. Derive a life path number from the numerology of the birth date. You add up all the digits of your birth date to a single digit ranging from 1 to 9.

Calculating Your Life Path Number & Use Numerology

To find your life path number using the numerology of birth date, simply add the date, month, and year you were born. If you get a double-digit, add it to get a single digit. Here is an illustration:

                               Let’s say your birth date is 19/07/1964

                               To get your life path number, add 1+9+0+7+1+9+6+4= 37

                                                             3+7= 10

                                                              1+0= 1

                                               Life path number is 1

However, a double-digit of 11, 22, and 33 remain that way because they are referred to as master numbers. For example,

                               Birthdate 14/05/1864

                               1+4+5+1+8+6+4= 29

                                    2+9= 11

                               Life path number is 11


Master Numbers & Use Numerology

In the numerology of birth date, the master numbers are powerful numbers. Since they are higher versions of their reduced single digit. This means 11, 22, and 33 are more powerful versions 2, 4, and 6. Life path numbers are more enhanced. They have more potential than the other life path numbers. 
If your birth date has a life path master number, you are prone to experience difficulties in life. This helps to master the powerful qualities linked with your personality’s master number.

Meaning of Life Path Numbers

  • Number 1- The Leader

As the first number in numerology, you are an excellent leader and organizer. Positive traits of one are initiators of action, independent, ambitious and strong-willed. You can be selfish, egotistical, stubborn, bossy, and demanding.
  • Number 2- The Peacemaker

Your life is about harmony and keeping the peace. You’re a peacemaker and like it when everyone gets along. 2s are mediators and diplomats. Also, you are the most intuitive and sensitive of numbers. Your life path is to create balance and peace in your life and learn to value yourself to find ultimate joy.
  • Number 3- The Creative Communicator

Life path 3 is all about expression and communication. You are full of creativity and use different art forms to express your innovations. Your eloquent communication skills, helpful personality, and fun-loving attitude inspire your life. You love entertainments and arts professions due to your extraordinary creative talents.
  • Number 4- The Builder

You’re the worker and builder of society. You are all about stability. Determined to have strong willpower that makes you serious, disciplined, and hardworking.
  • Number 5- The Adventurer

Freedom and change are the guiding themes for life path 5. You seek freedom above anything and everything. With the curiosity of a cat, you love adventure and are always looking for change and variety in life. You find satisfaction in experiencing life. Also, you’re always striving to find answers to the questions of life.
  • Number 6- The Nurturer

The central life theme for life path 6 is healing and helping others. You’re capable of giving comfort to those in need and offer a shoulder to cry on. As a nurturer, you’re empathetic; you understand the needs of others and are happy to help them meet those needs.


  • Number 7- The Spiritual Intellect

7s are the most spiritual of the numbers. You have a mind of an analytical thinker. Also, have excellent concentration capabilities and theoretical insights. You love researching intellectual puzzles to provide insights and practical solutions to problems. 
You are wise and analytical, but, you can be pessimistic and secretive.
  • Number 8- Power

When it comes to life path 8, you can only think of authority. You’re an excellent executive in business and politics.  
You long for wealth and financial security, together with the freedom it brings. Your life purpose involves manipulating money and power and wealth without being corrupt. 8s make exceptional bankers, builders, and landowners.
  • Number 9- The Humanitarian

You’re an idealist and express yourself best by seeking truth. You’re destined for humanitarian causes. Also, have a profound interest in the welfare of others.
You look at situations from a collective point of view and find solutions for the greatest good of all. 9s make the best teachers, priests, and counselors.
  • Master number 11- The Master Illuminator

You’re all about enlightenment and have an excessive amount of energy and intuition. Master number’s potential provides you with personal power and spiritual evolution. You’re meant to believe in your psychic abilities. This pushes you toward growth and stability.
  • Master number 22- The Master Builder

You have a great spiritual understanding. The ability to apply the knowledge, resulting in enormous success. You only bring your dreams to reality. Also, have the intuitive insights of master number 11 with the practical nature of life path number 4. This also makes you a great visionary.


  • Master number 33- The Master Inspiration

If your master number is 33, you guide others to learn and practice principles of purity. As the master teacher, you teach others to actualize their dreams in this life.

The Master Inspiration

The birth date gives you the ability to know your life mission through your life path number. Life path numbers reveal your talents. This helps to fulfill your soul’s mission in this lifetime when focused on and mastered. For a better understanding of your life, combine it with your astrological sign and get the best out of life.