How to use crystal wands for healing, cleansing, and protection

Crystal wands

Crystals are excellent allies for healing. Each crystal has a unique vibration and special properties. But all of them help us to heal holistically, especially the famous crystal wands.

In other words, crystals work on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. But the energy of crystals also depends on their shape.

Crystals come in different shapes and they all have special properties.

Crystal wands are one of the most popular crystal shapes because they are amazing for healing, cleansing, and protection.

Keep reading to find out more about crystal wands and how to work with crystal wands.

How magic wands work?

Shamans and other spiritual healers use wands as ancient healing tools. 

For millennia, many ancient cultures have been using wands for healing.

The shape of wands makes them wonderful to project energy from their tips. Healers use wands to direct energy to a specific point. 

You can use it to remove negative energy from a determined spot or direct energy to an organ that needs healing.

There are wands from different elements. For instance, woods such as cedar or pine are the most common.

What are crystal wands?

What are crystal wands?

Crystal wands work differently than other wands. They work amplifying the energy to make the healing more powerful. 

Since each crystal has different properties, the energy of each crystal wand depends on the properties of the crystal.

For instance, amethyst wands have a calming, spiritual effect, while jasper has a grounding effect.

Crystals can concentrate energy into a ray and then apply it for healing.

If you rotate a crystal wand on the skin, it causes compression. It directs a focused beam on the organ that needs healing. 

There are many types of crystal wands. Some of the most popular include tourmaline, quartz, selenite, and others.

Crystal wands properties

Crystals wand properties

Each crystal has unique healing properties. The healing power of crystal wands varies depending on those properties.

Quartz wand

Quartz is one of the most powerful energetic amplifiers because they have both positive and negative energy. That’s why quartz wands work so well.

Quartz magnifies energy and concentrates it where it is needed, or it draws it off and disperses it.

This crystal wand assists in going to the root of disease and changing it. It identifies and heals spots of energetic blockage or weakness in the physical body or aura.

Tourmaline wands

Tourmaline has amazing transmuting and protective properties. 

This stone protects you from negative entities because it removes negative energy from the environment. It works by absorbing and transmuting dense energy into subtler energy.

Tourmaline stones are effective therapeutic tools. They cleanse the aura, eliminate blockages, remove negative energy, and indicate the solution to particular issues.

These crystal wands are excellent for integrating and harmonizing the chakras. They realign the energy meridians at a physical level. They also stimulate energetic channels.

Fluorite wands

Fluorite is a transparent crystal that comes in purple, green, blue, and clear. This stone has a very calming energy, and it works well for protection. 

Fluorite works well for cleansing and harmonizing the aura or vital body.

Fluorite wands are made from a combination of green and purple fluorite.

These wands carry calming energy and can be rubbed over the skin to alleviate pain and inflammation.

Even a tiny fluorite wand can absorb a lot of tension. But, if you don’t clean it properly, it might break.

Obsidian wands

Obsidian is an exceptionally powerful stone that works great removing negative energy and cleansing the aura.

It identifies weaknesses and blockages in the physical and subtle bodies, getting to the core of the problem.

Obsidian wands are excellent when there are negative energies inside the emotional body that need removal. Obsidian wands are ideal in these cases If the ill person is ready to unleash those energies. 

The Obsidian wand preserves the aura, connecting it to the earth, once these energies are free. Then, it indicates the path forward. 

One of the main uses of obsidian wands is locating and diagnosing blockages.

Amethyst wands

Amethyst is a beautiful stone that comes in violet to purple colors. It has a calming, relaxing effect and it’s one of the most spiritual stones.

Amethyst aids in opening the third eye, helping to develop an inner vision and connecting with intuition. 

It’s also a great tool for meditation because it quiets the mind and raises one’s vibration.

For this reason,  amethyst wands are ideal for stimulating the frontal chakra, activating the pineal gland, and promoting intuitive vision.

Amethyst wands also clear any blockages in the energetic body. That’s why healers use it to protect and heal weak auras.

Selenite Crystal wands

Selenite is a very pure stone. It has a very soft, calming energy and it has a strong connection with the moon and angelique presence.

This stone is helpful to enhance intuition and telepathy. It also connects with spiritual, divine realms. 

You can use selenite wands to remove negative forces from the energetic body or to prevent external things from affecting the mind.

You can also put your selenite wand under your pillow. It will help your energetic body to recharge during the night, and protect you from psychic attacks.

Rose quartz wands

Rose quartz is a crystal with a soft, peaceful, and loving energy. This stone is perfect to promote love. 

A Rose Quartz wand exudes a beautiful sense of calm. It’s great for reducing emotional discomfort and healing a broken heart, but it’s also good for nervousness and anxiety in general.

If your heart rate is too fast, you can regulate it with a rose quartz wand. It also helps to make high blood pressure return to normal.

Rose Quartz can quickly calm the energy and put everything back into alignment if the chakras are unbalanced.

Using crystal wands

You can use your crystal wands by rubbing on your skin and applying them directly to the organ that needs healing.

You can also point to specific chakras for energetic cleansing or stimulation to activate them.

One of the best ways to use crystal wands is to brush your entire body as an aura cleansing. It will help you to remove any negative energy.

And as with any other crystal, you can use your crystal wands to meditate. It will assist you to raise your vibration and achieve higher levels of consciousness.

Crystal wands are great allies for healing and protection. Appreciate them and respect them to make the most of your experience.