How To Raise Your Vibration To Manifest

The universe asks us to align energetically with our dreams so we can make them our reality. Sounds interesting? Keep reading to find out how to raise your vibration to manifest anything you want in life. raising your vibration is part of meditation.

Are you really into the law of attraction and manifestation?

Then you know that everything we do, our thoughts, feelings, and words are made up of energy.

Everything in the universe is energy, frequency, and vibration.

When you feel happy, enthusiastic, full of love, and in peace with the universe, you are vibrating high.

When you are constantly feeling sad, anxious, frustrated, and overwhelmed, chances are you are vibrating low.

Our dreams and the life we want, have a specific vibration.

If you want to attract something to your current reality (money, happiness, a great career, a loving relationship, etc) you need to raise your vibration to align with that.

Here you’ll find some easy ways to start to raise your vibration to manifest your heart’s will!


Meditation is the most powerful tool to raise your vibration. Negative thoughts are constantly filling our minds. But when we meditate, we can put the mind at ease.

Peace is the emotion with the highest vibration. Meditation allows us to achieve that state.

It may be difficult at first, but when you begin practicing meditation frequently, it becomes a necessity.

If it’s hard for you to sit down without doing anything, then start with one, two, or three minutes. Sit down, close your eyes, pay attention to your breath for as long as you can.

Then, start to gradually increase the time to meditate. Choose a specific time during the day to meditate. Make it five, ten, thirty minutes, but don’t say “I don’t have time”.

Meditation can really change your life. You’ll learn to control your thoughts, to let things go, and to quiet your mind once in a while.

This way, you will be raising your vibration and you’ll be able to manifest whatever your heart wants.

Use mantras

Mantras are words or sounds used to create an effect on one’s mind, physical body, or subtler bodies. Buddhist monks and Hindus use them for meditation to raise your vibration.

Mantras are very powerful because their sounds have a very high vibration. When you use mantras, you tune yourself with that frequency.

There are many mantras that you can use. One of the most popular mantras is “OM”.

You can use mantras during meditation to raise your vibration and allow you to manifest. But there are also mantras for removing obstacles, such as “Om gam ganapataye Namaha”. There are also mantras to manifest wealth and prosperity such as “OM Hreem Shreem Kleem Maha Lakshmi Namaha”.

So try it today, and see how it works out!

Say positive affirmations

Words have power.  This is because sounds have vibration and it helps to materialize things in the physical plane. This is the basis for mantras but also for positive affirmations.

Words create. When you tell yourself negative things, your subconscious mind registers it and it becomes a reality. So choose carefully which words you use.

If you want to manifest a relationship, you have to align yourself with the frequency of love. Repeat to yourself “I feel loved and adored. I feel blessed with all the love I receive”.

If you want to manifest wealth, you have to align yourself with the frequency of abundance. For instance, you can say “I am prosperous. I see abundance everywhere. I have everything that I need”.

Do you get the idea?

Eat healthy food

Of course, the food we eat also has a vibration. Healthy food can help you to raise your vibration. Junk, processed food has a very low vibration. Instead, try to choose more natural, organic food.

Fruits and vegetables have the highest vibration of all foods. Eat a lot of it and you’ll feel a lot better, both physically and energetically.

Practice gratitude

You can’t manifest anything from scarcity. You have to feel like you have it yet and then the universe will give it to you. That’s why you have to align yourself with the feeling of abundance.

How can you manifest wealth If you feel that you lack money? How can you manifest a loving relationship If you feel lonely? How can you manifest your dream career If you hate your current job?

Be grateful to the universe for what you already have. Be grateful for having food to eat and for every way that you receive money. Be grateful for the love you receive from your friends and family. Be grateful for all of the opportunities that life gives you to succeed.

Gratitude has a very high vibration. Practicing gratitude makes you raise your vibration and it sends a message to the universe that you are open to receive more.

Be mindful of the present

Mindfulness is like meditating with our eyes open.

Our mind is generally wandering between the occupations of the future and the memories of the past. That’s why many people feel anxious, stressed, depressed, etc.

But if we are fully aware of the present moment, If we are really right here and right now, we can find peace.

If you can find peace in the present, then you have to be sure that you are vibrating very high!

Get in contact with nature

Nature has the power to harmonize us, raising our vibration and helping us to find balance. Life in the cities, with all of the stress, can make us lower our vibrations. That’s why it’s so important to go in nature and recharge.

So go to the beach, to the park, put your feet on the ground. If you can’t, then get some crystals, surround yourself with houseplants, or adopt a puppy or a kitten. They can help you to cleanse your aura and raise your vibration, helping you to manifest a happy life.

Raising your vibration to manifest

No matter how much you apply manifestation methods If you don’t raise your vibration. Manifestation occurs at a frequency of gratitude and peace.  You can’t manifest out of fear.

So, that’s it for today. Now with these tips, you know how to raise your vibration sky high!

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