How to manifest with water?

Manifest with water

Did you know that you can manifest with water?


Water is life. Every living creature needs water to live. 


That’s why we can use water to give life to our heart’s desire. 


Water has an outstanding power to manifest. Some many rituals and practices include water.


Here you’ll find some ways to manifest with water, and how you can use water to make your manifestation techniques more powerful. 


How water works to manifest


Water is such an interesting compound.


Different scientific studies show that water responds to sound. 


For instance, if you say the word “love,” water forms beautiful symmetrical shapes.


But If you say the word “hate,” the water molecules form irregular, asymmetrical shapes.


Other studies show that water has memory.


That’s because water is a receptive element. It charges energetically with the vibrations of the environment.


We can take advantage of that in our manifestations.


The water element is about adaptability, fluidity, emotions. But it’s also about fertility and creation.


Plants need water to grow. We can also use it to make our manifestations grow.


The two-glass method to manifest with water

two glass method to manifest with water


The first method to manifest with water is the two-glass method. It’s also known as the quantum jumping method because it lets you “jump” to a different parallel reality.


Set your intention


When you decide to try this method, you should treat it like any other manifestation method.


What does that mean?


That first, you have to set your intention. What do you want to manifest?


Don’t be too broad or too general. 


If you want to manifest anything, you have to be specific, because it lets you focus your energy on a determined intention.


For instance, If you want to manifest more money, don’t just say: “I want more money.”


Instead, state the specific amount of money you want to receive or the amount you want to be making each month.


And when it comes to setting your intention, you need to state the why.


 State WHY you want to be making that amount of money. WHY you want that job. WHY you want that house.


Think about how your life or anyone’s life would be better If you received that.


Would it make you any happier?


Or maybe you want it for purely materialistic reasons?


Make sure that you are manifesting from the heart and not from the ego.

Things you’ll need

  • Two glasses
  • A pencil
  • Two pieces of paper to label each glass

Step one: Label each glass

First, you’ll have to label each glass. 

The first glass will be the “present” glass, and the second will be the “future” glass.

Label the “present” glass with a word or a sentence that describes your current situation. For instance, “Single.”


Then, label the “future” glass with a word or sentence that describes the thing that you want to manifest. For instance, “in a relationship.”


Step two: Charge the “present” glass with energy

charge water to manifest with water

Pour some water into the “present” glass. 

Now, you will visualize your current reality while looking at the “present” glass.


Don’t judge your present situation. Don’t feel bad for it. Just think about things as they are.


Imagine how you are charging the water with the energy of the present.


Step three: Pour the water into the “future” glass


Now, fill the “future” glass with the water from the “present” glass.


While you do this, imagine how your situation is transmuting into something better.


Step four: Drink the water

Then, drink the water from the future glass. In this step, you’ll have to visualize how your desired situation is now your current reality.

Feel abundant as If you already had that money. Feel as If to already had that job.

Be as detailed as you can. The results depend on how much energy you put into this practice.

Step five: Forget about it

Don’t get obsessed with your manifestation. Let it come to you.

These methods work better if you let the universe do its job.

Trust the universe and let go of the need to control.

Second method: Charge water with affirmations to manifest

The second method to manifest with water is easier than the first one. It only requires water and your powerful intention.

Step one: Create an affirmation related to what you want to manifest

Sound creates. Words create. Words have a vibration that affects the physical and ethereal planes.

The water charges from the vibration of words.

This method works with the power of words. So, first, you’ll have to create a powerful affirmation.

First, you need to make sure that you are affirming something. For instance, don’t say: “I don’t feel sad anymore.” Instead, say: “I feel happy and full of joy.”

Also, make sure that you are talking in the present tense. Affirmations that talk about the future are not that powerful.

For instance, don’t say: “I will be rich.” Instead, say: “I am prosperous. Right here, right now, I have everything that I need to be happy”.

Step two: Charge the water with energy

Now, put water in a glass and charge it with energy. Visualize your desired outcome while looking through the water.


Then, repeat your affirmation out loud, close to the glass of water. 


Then, drink the water.


Repeat as much as possible. You can do this, for instance, once a day.


You can use this method for many things, not necessarily physical things.


For instance, you can use it to manifest health, happiness, or beauty.


Manifesting with water

Manifesting with water


Water is super powerful! Don’t you think so?


Water is receptive to all kinds of energies. It charges from the energy of the environment.


So, water charges from everything you say and everything you think.


That’s why using water to manifest is an excellent idea.


Just remember to trust the universe and manifest from the heart. Don’t try to manifest suffering for others or to manifest for purely vain reasons.


Listen to your heart and only manifest what will bring you happiness and personal growth.


Happy manifestations!