How to manifest with the moon

The moon is a powerful source of energy.

It affects every living being: It influences ocean movements and women’s cycles. Even plants grow according to the moon phase.

Many cultures see the moon as a Goddess, a symbol of femininity, motherhood, and fertility.

If you want to make powerful manifestations, you need to work with this powerful force.

So, in this post, you’ll see how you can harness the energy of the moon to manifest.

Manifesting with moon phases

Each moon phase has a different energy, and it affects the way we feel, act and think. Some moon phases are more creative than others, so make sure to take advantage of them to manifest.

Waxing moon

The waxing moon is a time for changes, clearing, and cleansing. During these weeks, release what no longer serves you. Meditate, do some journaling, walk in nature. Give yourself some time to reflect and connect with your intuition.

Understand your shadow. What limiting beliefs are holding you back? What negative thoughts may be blocking your manifestation?

You can also harness the energy of this moon phase by cleansing yourself and your house energetically. Try some smudging, burning some incense, using crystals.

Try this waxing moon ritual:

Write on a piece of paper the emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs that no longer serve you (for instance: fear and anxiety).

Light a candle. Ask the universe to help you work with your shadow, to understand and eliminate what is harming you.

Then, burn the piece of paper.

We give much power to our negative thoughts and behaviors. Instead, we should focus on working on them.

This ritual can help you take off the force from your shadow, so you can direct more energy towards what makes you happy and the life you want to manifest.

New moon

The new moon occurs when the moon is in conjunction with the sun. It’s a period of new beginnings. The moon starts a new cycle, a new journey.

It is the perfect moment to plant a seed. Also, it’s time to start setting an intention for what will come next.

So, during the new moon, be clear on your intention, meditate on what you want to manifest, and visualize your desired outcome.

You can also try this tiny new moon ritual:

Write a sentence on a piece of paper with what you want to manifest.

Then, charge it with your energy (for instance, close your eyes and put that paper close to your heart).

Finally, burn the paper and bury the ashes in the soil.

Crescent moon

Crescent moon is about taking action. It’s about letting your seed grow. So, make your manifestation grow. Take action, move forward, do what you can to materialize it.

So, use this time to practice manifestation techniques, such as visualization, scripting, positive affirmations, and others. If you pay attention to your intention, you will direct your energy towards it, and it will grow.

When you wake up, say to yourself: “I feel happy and abundant because the universe is guiding me. Every day I create a life filled with love, harmony, and joy”.

But this period is also to work on your manifestation to make it materialize in the physical plane.

Do you want to find a new job? Then go out and have job interviews. Do you want your new business to be prosperous? Work on it and spread the word. Do you want a relationship? Go out and meet new people.

So, keep going and never give up!

Full moon

The full moon occurs when the moon is on the opposite side of the sun. It’s a time for harvesting the fruits of the intention that we planted during the new moon.

That’s why this period is usually full of energy and movement. Many things happen in the outside world during full moons.

So, this is a time for reflecting on how far we have come.

It’s also the perfect time to practice gratitude and find opportunities to receive gifts from the universe.

Say to yourself: “I allow myself to receive abundance, love, and everything that will make me happy. I am open to receive what the universe has for me”.

It doesn’t matter If your intention did not manifest 100% as you were expecting. Celebrate what you have: make a bath ritual, put on some music, light some candles, eat the food you love. Let yourself enjoy what you have achieved.

How to use moon phases to manifest

The moon cycle lasts around 30 days. So, you may use these manifestation tips for medium-term to long-term manifestations.

So, with each new moon, you plant a seed, which is your intention. Then, you make it grow during the crescent moon. Finally, you see the results of your efforts on the full moon.

The waxing moon energy is not creative. Instead, it’s more passive. It’s a time for renewal, to get in contact with your feminine, receptive side, and to understand your shadow.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t manifest during a waxing moon. It just means that you are approaching your manifestation differently: Releasing what no longer serves you instead of creating new things.

The crescent moon, on the other hand, has an intense creative energy. You can even harness that energy by making short-term manifestations during this period.

It’s also useful to consider where the moon is during a particular new moon or full moon. For instance, a new moon in Leo has a different energy than a new moon in Capricorn.

Final thoughts on manifesting with the moon

That’s it for today! Now you know how to harness the energy of the moon to manifest. It’s all about taking advantage of the available energy and following the cycles of nature.

Manifesting is like planting a seed and taking care of the plant. Some plants take more time and effort than others to grow and flower. So, be patient, it will pay off in the long run.

Happy manifestations!