How to manifest from the heart?

manifest from the heart

The heart is the greatest source of energy in our body. That’s why it’s so powerful to manifest from the heart.

You possibly know different methods of manifestation, such as visualization, scripting, positive affirmations, etc.

 But sometimes, you may feel like the law of attraction does not work for you.

The problem may be that you are not manifesting from the heart.

Manifesting from the heart is what makes any technique work. Sounds interesting? Keep reading to find out more!

Why is it powerful to manifest from the heart?

One recent discovery of the HeartMath Institute is that the heart functions similarly to a brain and is in some ways independent of the brain in the head. 

The heart has a well-developed, autonomous neurological system with more than 40,000 neurons and a sophisticated network of neurotransmitters, proteins, and supporting cells.

Apparently, the heart can make decisions and operate independently of the brain. It can also learn, remember, and even perceive, thanks to these intricate circuits.

This indicates that our vision of reality and, as a result, our reactions can be influenced by our hearts.

In the human body, the heart is the major source of electromagnetic energy.

The electrical field created by the heart is 60 times greater in amplitude and 100 times stronger than the electric field created by the brain.

Heart energy is more powerful than brain energy. The more energy, the easier it is to manifest!

How to manifest from the heart?

how to manifest from the heart

Sure, the science behind the heart is amazing, but how do you harness that power? Follow these steps to manifest from the heart!

Set your intention from the heart

First and foremost, we must set our intention from the heart.

The mind is the source of the majority of our dreams. We want to be wealthy because we see other wealthy people, and we desire the power and luxury that comes with it.

We desire to be in a relationship because we are lonely and believe that another person may make us feel better. 

But, what does our heart really want?

Desires come from the mind, and the mind can be greedy. The mind perceives what we don’t have, but it rarely recognizes what we do have.

The mind has a lot of limitations. It thinks, develops concepts, and organizes information. But the mind cannot perceive beyond the physical world and our five senses: We must see beyond if we want to manifest from the heart.

We need to recognize what is what our heart really wants. You may want a house, a relationship, money, or a job, and that’s okay. But why do you desire that? Do you think that it will make you any happier? 

This is something that you can do to know your heart’s will.

Stop for a moment, close your eyes, and feel your heart before attempting to manifest anything. 

Then consider, “Do I truly want this?” Is this something I actually need in my life? Is it going to make me happy?”

Don’t listen to your thoughts; instead, feel your heart for the answer.

Get to work: start to manifest from the heart

Do you already know your heart’s will? Do you feel it will help you live a better life and contribute to a brighter world? Then, let’s get to work and manifest that goal!

Now you can start to apply all of those manifestation techniques such as visualization or scripting.

You can use visualizations to manifest. Visualization is the process of imagining a world in which you already have what you want.

 For example, if you want your wedding day to be perfect, you should imagine every detail from beginning to end.

And here’s the twist:

This practice will be much more effective if you use your heart’s energy. Don’t just picture the scenario. Instead, feel the emotions that you want to have. 

If you wish to get money, for example, you should envision yourself receiving money. But also try to experience the emotions that it would provoke. You would feel abundance and prosperity.

You’ll get better results if you start using this energy to all manifestation techniques rather than just using mental energy.

That’s because heart energy is way more powerful than thoughts, and the heart radiates much more energy than the brain.

Be aware of your state of mind

Another thing to remember is to have a serene mindset and optimistic feelings. Fear and frustration prevent us from manifesting. 

Trying to manifest from a negative state of mind will simply attract negativity into our lives.

Before, during, and after using any manifestation technique, we must be in touch with our heart’s energy. 

If we want to see our dreams come true, we must maintain a positive state of mind for as long as possible.

Here’s  an exercise to connect with your heart energy at any moment:

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and observe your heart rate.

Feel your heart, and try to feel your heartbeat throughout your entire body. Imagine a beam of light emanating from your heart. Imagine how that light begins to move, illuminating your whole body.

 This practice can help you to activate your heart energy and to connect with your heart’s will.

Start to manifest from the heart

start to manifest from the heart

The heart is the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy in the body.

Heart energy is more powerful than thought, and we can take decisions from our heart because it works like a brain.

Now you know all of the power that the heart has. But also the importance of manifesting from the heart to see your true dreams materializing.

Knowing this also helps you to abandon vain desires that won’t take you anywhere.

Instead, getting in touch with your heart energy will help you connect with your true calling and your mission as a soul in this life.

Now, with this information, start practicing, start feeling your heart more often, and you’ll see how your life will begin to change.

You can also manifest with crystals, moon and water.

 Happy manifestations!