How to connect with your divine feminine energy?

Divine Feminine energy

Do you feel disconnected from your divine feminine energy?

We live in a world dominated by male energy.

Our culture is about being active: doing and achieving as much as possible.

For that reason, we are always busy, thinking about work or pending tasks.

That makes us anxious, stressed, and frustrated.

People don’t prioritize resting. They see it as unproductive.

But we can’t be active all the time, or we’ll become unbalanced.

That’s why we need to reconnect with our feminine energy, to find balance again.

Keep reading to find out how to connect with your divine feminine energy.

What is feminine energy?

There are two forces that sustain the universe: divine masculine and divine feminine energy. You see them everywhere: positive and negative, black and white, active and receptive. 

These forces are in every part of the creation, even ourselves. Together, these forces are able to create.

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. We all have divine masculine and divine feminine energy.

Divine masculine energy is about creation, innovation, manifestation, willpower, activity.

Divine feminine energy, on the other hand, is passive, receptive. It’s about love, compassion, intuition. 

We need to balance these two forces within ourselves If we want to grow spiritually.

Ways to connect with your divine feminine energy.

There are many ways to connect with your divine feminine energy. If you feel you have too much masculine energy, try these tips to find balance within yourself.

Embrace rest


Divine feminine energy is passive, receptive energy. Divine masculine energy is about being active.

If you spend all day being active, you will feel tired and overwhelmed.

So, allow yourself to do nothing for a while. That also means not stressing over your future tasks.

Turn off your phone and eliminate distractions. Sit down and just be with yourself.

Don’t see it as being lazy and unproductive.

Rest is necessary because it allows us to recharge and find balance within ourselves.

Also, it’s stunning how much you can learn from just being by yourself instead of being distracted with daily tasks.

If you put yourself in receptive energy, you are opening yourself to receive more from the universe.

Tune into your intuition

Intuition is the faculty of knowing something without the process of thinking or reasoning. In other words, it’s trusting your gut.

Intuition is a trait of the divine feminine energy. If you want to connect with your divine feminine energy, you need to develop your intuition.

Don’t confuse intuition and instinct. Intuition comes from the heart.

Intuition expresses itself when we are in complete silence. So, when you need your intuition to help you, quiet your mind, be still, and let your heart tell you what you need to know.

You can also develop your intuition with meditation and pronouncing the mantra OM.

Try to do this every day, and you’ll activate your intuition.

Take care of others 

The divine feminine energy archetype has to do with motherhood, love, caring, compassion.

First, start to be compassionate for yourself. Stop putting so much weight on yourself. Allow yourself some time to rest.

Take care of your body. Sleep enough hours, eat healthy, and exercise.

Also, be compassionate to the people around you. Listen to their problems, prepare dinner for your loved ones, make them feel comfortable.

You also connect with divine feminine energy when you take care of your plants or animal friends. Have them around you. It makes you more compassionate and conscious of the value of life.

Go in nature

Go in nature

The best way to connect with Mother Nature is, of course, visiting natural places.

Divine feminine energy has to do with fertility. So, everywhere where nature exists freely is a place of connection with this archetype.

Go to the beach, to the mountain, to the river, or even to the park. It will recharge you and help you to connect with yourself.

While you are there, thank Mother Nature for all of her gifts. Thank the water, the air, and the earth for giving you life.

Use crystals to connect with feminine energy

Crystals are excellent healing tools. Their powerful vibration makes them great allies for spiritual growth, as well as physical and energetic healing.

Some stones vibrate in feminine energy. Moonstone, for instance, is great for those that want to connect with their divine feminine energy.

Other stones, such as boji stones and amazonites, help to balance masculine-feminine energies. 

Wear these crystals or place them around your house. 

If you menstruate, embrace your period

The female period is the most receptive part of the cycle. Traditionally, it’s a time for meditation, rest, and reconnection. 

Don’t force yourself to work all day when you are on your period. Allow yourself to reconnect with the wisdom of the divine feminine archetype.

If it’s possible for you, don’t leave your house. Stay home and harness the power of this time of the month by reconnecting with yourself. 

Keep a journal

Journaling is a great way to connect with our intuition and emotions.

We live in a cold world where people are afraid of showing their emotions.

But don’t let that limit you.

Instead, find ways to reconnect with your emotions.

Try to journal every day to express how you feel and how you have felt throughout the day.

Were you very upset at any particular moment of the day?

Did you find something that excited you?

Take notes of these changes. It will help you to connect with your divine feminine energy and to know yourself better.

Connecting with your divine feminine energy

It’s hard to balance divine masculine and divine feminine energy in a world dominated by masculine energy.

When one energy becomes dominant, we become unbalanced.

But it’s not impossible to regain balance again.

When we balance these energies, we recover peace and harmony in our lives.

So, that’s it for today! Good vibes!