How to balance the four elements?

balance the four elements

You may have heard about the four elements: earth, water, air, and fire. Magicians use them in their rituals and spiritual work.

If you know more about magic and spirituality, you know that if you know how to balance the four elements, you can help you in your manifestation rituals.-

But, what exactly are they? And how can you harness their power?

In this post, you’ll find more information about how to balance the four elements and how to work with them.

What are the four elements?

First, you need to know that everything in the universe is made of “Akasa”, or ethereal matter. The ether decomposes into different forms that, when “condensed”, give life to the creation.

The four elements of nature: earth, fire, water, and air, are a condensation of four varieties of ether. 

So, the four elements are everywhere in the creation. Everything contains the four elements, including our physical bodies.

Air element

The air element corresponds to the thoughts, the world of the mind, the image, and the higher mind. It corresponds to the heart chakra

Its flaws are distraction and indecision. Its virtues are agility, speed, and lift.

The air element has a link with the spring season, which represents the stage of growth, the beginning of things: The awakening of the forces of nature. It corresponds to the sunrise.

Fire element

The fire element has to do with passion and visceral energies. It corresponds to the solar plexus chakra and its analogous organs. 

The flaws are anger, over-excitement, euphoria. The virtues are the inner strength, the divine fire.

Water element

The water element has to do with adaptability, feelings, and fluids of the body. It corresponds to the sacral chakra and the sexual organs.

Water is where life begins. It’s about creation and fertility.

The defects are the lack of adaptation, nostalgia, sadness. The virtues are the ability to evoke, adaptability, connection with dreams.

Earth element

The earth element has to do with stability, the structuring of things, the material world, and how we handle the physical matter. It corresponds to the root chakra and the chakras of the feet.

Its flaws are stiffness, laziness, lack of encouragement and passion, suicidal and self-destructive tendencies. Its virtues are stability, strength, drive, solidity and centering.

How to balance the four elements within ourselves

balance the four elements within ourselves

Before working with the elements and practicing elemental magic, you need to know that you have to control the elements within yourself.

For instance, when we can’t control our rage, our fire element is unbalanced. So, here are some ways to start balancing the elements.

Balancing the earth element

We balance our earth element when we overcome inertia and laziness. That is why we must develop great willpower.

It is also key to develop spiritual mysticism, finding stillness in meditation.

We master the earth element by becoming hard-working and patient.

The earth element also has to do with the physical body. You can reconnect with this element with harmonious exercises. 

Go work a walk in nature, do some yoga postures or dance to the music you love.

Balancing the water element

Water has to do with emotions. So, to balance your water element, you have to become aware of your negative emotions and how they affect you.

Anxiety and fear are also a result of unbalanced water.

Water also has to do with your creative forces. So, use this energy to give life to something you love.

Try meditation, exercise, painting, dancing, gardening, starting a business, or anything that requires creativity.

Balancing the fire element

Managing fire is knowing how to stay calm in the face of the most difficult events.

To balance the fire element, we need to control the emotional discharges: anger, hatred, envy.

We also have to learn to organize the actions of our daily life. Acting on impulse unbalances the fire element.

Fire gives us energy and vitality. You can sublimate this energy with conscious exercises, pranayama, and breathing exercises.

Balancing the air element

Our air element unbalances with mental chatter. We can find balance when we learn to quiet our minds. You can do this by practicing meditation.

The air element also has to do with pranayamas and breathing exercises. 

Take deep breaths and hold the air. It will help you to calm your mind.

How to work with the four elements?

work with four elements 2

Now you know how to balance the elements within yourself, you can start to work with the four elements to manifest.

Put the four elements on your altar

An altar is a sacred space where you do your spiritual work. It gets charged with your energy, and it’s important to have the four elements there.

For instance, you can put a glass of water to represent the water element. 

Add a glass with sand to represent the earth element. 

If you find a feather, you can put it on your altar to represent the air element.

Finally, light a candle to represent the fire element.

Get in contact with nature

Going into nature is an excellent way to connect with the elements. It heals you and balances you.

Breathe the fresh air, swim in a lake, light a campfire, walk barefooted and feel the soil. Thank Mother Nature for all of her gifts and ask the elements to purify you.

Meditate in nature and feel how it cleanses you, both physically and energetically.

Natural places are also perfect for manifestation rituals.

Incorporate the elements in your space

Surround your house with the elements. They can cleanse and purify any space.

Invoke the elements and ask for their protection. 

There are many ways to add the presence of the elements in your living space.

You can put wind chimes, light candles, smudge, add plants to your house, and put a glass of water on your nightstand for protection.

Finding balance and working with the elements.

That’s it for today! Now you know how to balance your inner elements and how to work with them.

The elements are great allies for spiritual growth. Remember that they are living entities and great masters, so treat them with respect.

Thanks for reading!