How to awaken your consciousness?

awaken your consciousness

Today everyone talks about the awakening of consciousness and raising your consciousness, but most people don’t know exactly what that is.

We live in a changing world. Many people are starting to reconnect with their spirituality.

We are souls living a human experience in this world. We forget about that because of the materialist society in which we live.

But If we want to access the powers of our soul, we need to awaken our consciousness. But, how do you do that?

Keep reading to find out what is the awakening of consciousness and how to awaken your consciousness.

What is consciousness?

What is Consciousness

First, we need to recognize that we are spiritual beings. We are not bodies: we are pure spirit. Our physical bodies are just vehicles for our spirit.

Our essence is our true reality: our divine, spiritual nature. 

Consciousness is a faculty of our essence. It’s a capacity to apprehend or capture inner knowledge at any moment.  

Consciousness also gives us awareness of the present moment. Our consciousness can only express itself when we are aware of the present.

Being conscious is being present in the now. It makes us reclaim control of our bodies and calm our minds from constant chatter.

Why our consciousness is asleep

Our mind wanders between the future and the past. Most of us are always worrying about the future or remembering the past. We are rarely in the present moment.

In other words, we are on autopilot. We are supposedly awake, but we dream about our problems and the situations that we make up in our heads. 

When we are in this unconscious state, external events can easily absorb us, causing us suffering. When we forget about ourselves and what we are doing, we react by instinct and not by consciousness.

For instance, If we are upset and we are aware of it, we can measure our actions more mindfully. But If we are not conscious when we are angry, we may harm ourselves and others. 

The four states of consciousness

There are four states of consciousness, depending on the level of awakening.

If you want to awaken our consciousness, you need to recognize at which level you are.

The first state of consciousness is that of profound ignorance, cruelty, barbarity. It’s a world of instinct and brutality. 

For instance, those who kill and harm other people are in this state of consciousness.

Then, there’s what we wrongly call “wakefulness”, which is the state of the majority of humanity. It’s a state of dogmas, prejudices, beliefs, and opinions.

The third state is that of self-awareness, mindfulness. We are in this state when we are aware of our inner state and the outer events.

The fourth state is enlightened consciousness. We need to raise our consciousness to reach this stage.

How to awaken your consciousness?

how to awaken your consciousness

There are different things that can help you to awaken your consciousness. Practice them as much as you can.

Practice self-awareness

Self-awareness has to do with paying attention to yourself, both physically and internally. Focus on your breath, your heart rate, and the way your body feels.

If you are walking, pay attention to every step you take. 

When you are sitting or laying down, feel the weight of your body. 

If it’s cold, feel how your body reacts to the environment.

But also, watch your thoughts and emotions. Don’t judge them: observe them. 

For instance, If you are anxious, feel your heart rate accelerating, your breath, your hands shaking. Watch your thoughts. See how they act. See how they make you feel.

You’ll see that any negative emotion or thought will fade when you put conscious awareness on it.

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Be mindful of your surroundings

When was the last time that you paid attention to how your house looks? 

Not just to see If it’s clean. But instead, to really connect with your environment. Observe the color of the wall, the way the floor looks and feels, the way the light goes through the window.

If everyone did this all the time, people would be quiet, less anxious.

 They would let themselves enjoy the present and all of its details.

Every place has so many things that can surprise you. Awareness will help you to recover the sense of wonder.

Also, be mindful of those around you. How do you treat them? How are you talking to them? 


Meditation takes you to the present moment. It’s like a gym for the mind. When you practice meditation every day, you train your mind to keep focused on the present moment. This way, you can raise your consciousness.

Start by being relaxed. Release any tension from the body.

Then, become self-aware. Pay attention to your physical, mental, and emotional processes.

Pay attention to your thoughts without judging them. They will start to fade as you do this.

Then, you can enjoy the pleasure of a quiet mind. 

Meditation requires commitment and perseveration. If you want to master it, then do it every day.

Spiritual practices

There are many spiritual, yogic practices to awaken the consciousness

Besides meditation, you can practice yoga postures, pranayamas, mantras, and many others. You can also check our post on How to activate the chakras.  

These practices assist spiritual seekers to connect with their inner light. This way, they help to raise consciousness.

The most important thing here is making them a habit. Try to do these things every day so you can see a difference.

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Awakening your consciousness is a process.

You won’t become enlightened overnight. Awakening is a gradual process.

As time passes, you’ll feel more conscious, more self-aware. It will be easier to quiet your mind and remain in the present moment.

Remember, spiritual awakening it’s like building a house. It requires time and effort, but it will pay off. 

The more conscious you become, the happier you’ll be. You will find more reasons to feel joy and more reasons to love life. You will discover that you don’t need much to be happy.

Happy awakening!