Dream Yoga for Beginners: A Complete Guide for Dream Yoga

Dream yoga

We spend a third part of our lives sleeping. Don’t you think that we should do something with those hours? How about some dream yoga?

Tibetan Buddhists think the same. That’s why they practice dream yoga, a set of spiritual practices that help to make the most of your dream experiences.

Are you interested in learning more about dream yoga? Keep reading to find out more!

Why you should practice dream yoga?

When we sleep, our physical bodies recover physically, but the psychic activity continues.

Dreams happen in the fifth dimension, also known as the astral realm or the world of death. In this dimension, we receive messages from our spiritual guides.

That’s why every dream, no matter how absurd, has meaning.

These messages are full of symbolism. To understand them, we need to remember our dreams and know how to interpret them. Dream yoga helps us to achieve this.

What is dream yoga?

Dream yoga is a series of practices, exercises, and disciplines that seek to create favorable conditions to remember and understand dreams.

Dream yoga helps us to connect with the dream realm. It also aids us to have profound, mystical experiences in this plane.

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How to practice dream yoga?

Practice dream yoaga

Dream yoga starts with a series of practices that you should do before and after going to sleep.

How to prepare your body?

First, make sure that your physical body is in its best state to sleep. 

If you have a sedentary life, you can go for a walk a few hours before sleeping.

Also, you should not be too full, or it will be hard to practice dream yoga. Make sure that your dinner isn’t too heavy. Instead, try to choose something light, such as fruit.

How to prepare the room?

Your room should be clean, organized, and ventilated.

Experts recommend that the colors of the wall should be one of the three primary colors: red, blue, or yellow.

You can perfume the room with essential oils or smudge.

If possible, the bedhead should be facing north. Your bed should be appropriate and comfortable for this practice.

Prepare a notebook and a pen, or an audio recorder, to record your dreams after you wake up.

How to prepare the mind?

Before you sleep, try to avoid strong stimuli such as noise, watching TV, or social media.

Quiet your mind with meditation and breathing exercises.

Listening to classical music will help you to relax and put yourself in the best mood for dream yoga.

Dream yoga practice

Now comes the best part!

Laid on your back, with your face and torso facing up. 

Put your hands on the solar plexus, which is two fingers above the navel.

Close your eyes and relax, physically and mentally. Don’t let thoughts intrude your mind.

Meditate on Morpheus, the god of sleep and dreams. Ask him to help you during your practice. 

You have to feel some drowsiness. Try to stay in a state between sleep and wakefulness.  

The lion position

lion position

Lying on your right side, bring your legs up slowly until the knees are bent. 

In this position the left leg rests on the right; then you place the right cheek on the palm of the right hand and let your left arm lay on the leg on the same side.

This position is excellent for the practice of dream yoga.

What to do after waking up 

Once you wake up, don’t move. That agitates your physical body, and it will make you forget about the memories of your dream.

While you are still lying on your bed with your eyes closed, try to remember everything that happened in your dream. Do it with as much detail as possible.

If memories don’t come instantly, try to remember the first thought you had when you woke up.

Record each detail of the dream in your notebook.

Keep doing this and it will be easier to remember your dreams, and gaining lucidity while you are in your dreams.

Interpreting your dream

Once you start recording each dream, you will have a collection of dreams and it will be easier to interpret them and analyze them.

Search for common symbolism or archetypes in your dreams. For instance, a house usually represents the physical body.

Now, it will also be easier to find repetitive dreams. Once you identify a repetitive dream, it will be easier to become lucid during your dream. 

Every time that repetitive dream occurs, you may notice that you are in a dream.

Astral projection and dream yoga

Astral projection has a strong relationship with dream yoga because dreams occur in the astral plane.

If you want to practice astral projection, you have to start with being lucid during your daily life. In other words, be aware of the present moment. Ask yourself: am I in the physical world, or am I in a dream?

Meditate each day to raise your consciousness. It will help you to make your dreams more vivid and to become more conscious during your dreams. 

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Why is it important for spiritual growth?

We are souls living a human experience, and we are in this world to learn, evolve and transcend.

Every situation that we have in our lives is an opportunity to learn and grow spiritually.

Dream yoga allows us to receive messages from our spiritual guides and manifest a life full of love, happiness, and spiritual growth.

It also gives us the chance to experience the astral plane and tap into its full potential. This dimension has many things to offer spiritual seekers. 

Dream yoga is the first step to have personal mystical experiences in the astral plane.

For beginners

That’s it for today! Now you know how to start practicing dream yoga as a beginner.

Remember to apply these practices every day to note a difference very soon.

Happy dreaming!