About Us

Manifest the LOA! is a unique and out of the box online platform, that offers a myriad of different articles, informational content and blog posts regarding the law of attraction, mysticism, magnetism and the manifestation of theology in the life of different people around the world.

Helping You Achieve Your Dreams

Committed to helping people learn and understand the idea behind law of attraction and how it can be used to attract your most profound and desirous dreams in life, This sight offers an insight into angel numbers, zodiac crystals, how to manifest, mindfullness by meditation, Personal Growth and other forms of spiritual and abstract manifestations in life.

Spreading the aura of positivity and optimism we help inculcate an inspirational, motivational and encouraging behaviour in our audience. Refining your thought process by extracting out the negative vibes and destructive assumptions, we use our uplifting and promising content and posts to trigger the process of positive evolution in your soul and mind.

We Are Your Partner in Your Journey Towards Success

We cater to the theological and spiritual needs of our audience, especially people who are interested in or looking for ways and means to fix their lives one way or the other.
Using the Law of Attraction and the positive stories of people around us, we help you attract want you want in life through optimism, inspiration and motivation. Whether you are looking for good grades, money, professional success, love, recovery from physical or mental illness or any other small or trivial thing in life, we strive to help you grow and bring your goals and dreams closer to you than
ever before.

Message from the Founder

Hi, my name is Melto, and I am the creator and founder of this amazingly exciting virtual platform called Law of Attraction ! Aimed at accelerating your positive efforts towards achievement of your goals, this venture is truly a fulfillment my dreams and goals in life.

Born and bred in the city of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, I belong to a humble family background that worked hard to meet its basic necessities of daily life. As a child I remember helping my struggling old grandparents and mother, travel far from home to work just to get a piece of bread on the table every day.

Initially I studied culinary art for 3 years and started my career as a chef in Kuala Lumpur, a peninsular part of Malaysia far away from home. Finding no satisfaction and peace for my inner self, I returned to Sabah, and tried my luck in different types of digital and tech based e-commerce ventures.

Struggling to find the real purpose of life and trying to find solace in the work I do, I kept on shuffling between Sabah and Kuala Lumpur for several years.

Deep down inside, I believed in the power spiritualism, magnetism and the law of attraction. This is where I am today. Teaching people how to practice the law of attraction.

I inspire them with the stories of others and see them get amazed on how to use their inner strengths to attract things they desire in life.

With a strong belief that every person deserves to be celebrated and have their dreams come true, I want help as many people as I can with my efforts. I hope you will find this website useful and beneficial for a better future and use my experiences, stories and knowledge to master the art of Law of Attraction.

Let us work together and attraction. anything and everything we want in life.

Melto Dalton.