7 Crystals for Manifestation: The Best Crystals to Attract

Apatite Crystals for manifestation

When it comes to manifestation and the law of attraction, there are many different methods available. You can use what you feel works best for you. But did you know that you can use crystals for manifestation

Yes! Crystals have many energetic properties. Some of them can be very useful in the process of manifestation.

It doesn’t matter If you are an expert in crystals or If you are a newbie. Crystals are amazing tools for spiritual growth. If you are ready to attract the life that you want, keep reading this post to find out what are the best crystals for manifestation.

1 – Apatite 


Apatite has many spiritual, psychological, and physical properties. It inspires, deepens meditation, develops psychic abilities, and connects to past lives. 

Also, aids in communication and self-expression. If you are very shy, it can help you to open yourself more to others. It can also stimulate creativity and clear confusion. Physically, it helps to heal the bones and it also aids in the formation of new cells. Additionally, it helps to raise metabolism.

Apatite is one of the best crystals for manifestation because it sits at the interface point between consciousness and matter. 

This crystal comes in different colors. Blue apatite is very easy to find, but yellow apatite is very rare.

To use it, you can place it in any affected part of the body or wherever you consider appropriate.

2 – Alexandrite


Alexandrite is a form of chrysoberyl, and it is very rare. This crystal has very contrasting qualities. It aids healing in the mental, emotional and spiritual planes. Also helps to develop intuition and psychic abilities. Physically, it helps to heal the spleen and the nervous system. 

This crystal is great for enhancing manifestation. It helps to stimulate the imagination, and imagery in general, including dreams. In other words, it can help you enhance visualization, which is one of the most powerful manifestation techniques.

3 – Diamond


Diamonds symbolize purity, but they are also a symbol of wealth and abundance. This is why it is one of the best crystals for manifestation, especially If you are trying to manifest wealth and economic prosperity.

In this case, the bigger the diamond, the better, because it will attract more abundance. Place it in your skin or wherever you find appropriate.

Diamonds also have other properties such as bonding relationships, aiding love, and protecting against electromagnetic radiations. It helps you cleanse the aura and connect with your inner light. Psychologically, it makes you feel invincible. If you want to boost your self-esteem, this crystal is for you.

4 – Yttrium Fluorite

Yttrium Fluorite Crystals for manifestation

Yttrium fluorite is a form of fluorite. This means that it has the same qualities as fluorite but with additional properties. It is different from other fluorites in that it has a slightly different form. Similar to other fluorites, it has many healing properties.

Yttrium fluorite is considered an excellent crystal for manifestation, specifically for the manifestation of wealth. It attracts abundance and prosperity.

Experts recommend wearing fluorite at the earlobes or placing it in the environment.

5 – Phenacite

Phenacite Crystals for manifestation

Phenacite is very rare and crystal experts consider it one of the highest vibrational crystals on earth. It helps the user to contact higher planes of consciousness, such as Angelic Realms. The stone also purifies the physical and inner bodies, raising your vibration and stimulating the chakras. The energy especially resonates with the third eye chakra.

This crystal comes in different colors, each of them with additional properties. Yellow phenacite, for instance, is particularly useful for extraterrestrial contact. But one of its most important qualities is that it’s definitely one of the best crystals for manifestation. It brings one’s desires to live on the physical plane.

If you want to work with this crystal, you have to know that it can only manifest what is for the highest good of all. Make sure that your intentions come from the heart and not from the ego.

6 – Zincite

Zincite Crystals for manifestation

Zincite is an excellent crystal for manifestation because it’s a creative stone, and manifestation is about using your creative forces to bring change into your life. It removes blockages and allows energy to flow.

Physically, Zincite promotes fertility. Mentally, it motivates the user to bring change into their lives and manifest their heart’s desire. It attracts abundance both physically and spiritually. This helps to anchor light from the spiritual plane on the physical world, allowing us to manifest.

7 – Topaz

Topaz Crystals for manifestation

Topaz definitely had to be included in this list because this is by far one of the best crystals for manifestation. It has many properties, such as cleansing the aura, inducing relaxation, and promoting spiritual growth. But one of its main qualities is that it creates good fortune. 

Traditionally, topaz is a crystal that causes love and good fortune, bringing success to one’s aspirations. It is very beneficial for manifestation techniques, such as affirmations and visualization. 

Some say that the facets and ends of a topaz crystal contain both positive and negative energy, which have the power to materialize a petition to the cosmos on the physical plane.

Topaz also comes in different forms and colors. Rutilated Topaz is one of the rarest forms of topaz, but It works wonders for visualization and manifestation. It draws love and light into one’s life.

So, If you are looking for crystals for manifestation, topaz may help you a lot.

How to Use Crystals for Manifestation?

Crystals for manifestation

Crystals are a powerful tool for spiritual growth. They can help us to raise our vibration, protect ourselves from negative energy, and purify our physical and subtle bodies. 

But crystals can also be a powerful tool for manifestation. Wear crystals to raise your vibration to help you to manifest your heart’s desire. Hold a crystal when you are visualizing, or place it on your heart to amplify your heart’s energy. Keep a crystal on your wallet to bring prosperity into your life.

There are many ways that you can use crystals for manifestation. Try it today, get creative, and see what happens next!