6 Easy Ways of Manifesting Money

Manifesting Money

Lack of finances or wealth can make you grumpy. You put so much effort into work but, there is nothing to show. You log into social media and, there are your former schoolmates driving high-end cars, living posh lives, and taking exotic trips. Do you keep questioning yourself how different they are from you?

 It might seem that some people are born lucky, always attracting a good life but let me burst your pity party bubble. You can have that life too. You can have that luxurious life and attract wealth. It all comes down to manifesting that life. Your mind and everything you do has to pull wealth towards you.

 I know it sounds impossible but, it does work. Money is a form of energy and, you can pull it toward yourself. Are you ready to learn how to manifest wealth quickly? Read ahead as we get to discuss six steps you can take to get that dream life.

However, before we begin, what does manifesting money mean?

Money manifestation means to be in tune with your mind, body, and the universe and attract money into your life by your thoughts. Money is energy and, it will flow to those who invite it. Your thoughts create your reality.

 Anybody can attract wealth. You don’t need to be a medium or magician. We all create the lives we are living. Avoid negative self-talk, pity parties, feelings of luck, and picture yourself living an abundant life. Whether you know it or not, you are manifesting your life every time by your words and thoughts.

Manifesting Money Easily in 10 Steps

Manifest Money

1. Act as if you are Rich

To attract that abundant life, you have to act as you have it. You can’t attract wealth with a luck kind of mentality and attitude. Money is energy and, you have to be in that abundant vibration to entice it. This is a basic law of attraction.

However, it doesn’t mean that you buy houses or jets yet, you don’t have the money yet. It means you can allow yourself to dream big by going to window shop in that luxurious cloth store. You can dress well and elegantly without breaking your bank. You can also write yourself a cheque and keep it in your drawer.

Practice small things within your budget to make you feel rich.

2. Have a Clear Intention on why you need the money

The idea of attracting money is not to pile it in your bank or house locker. You have to have a purpose with it. So what would you want it for?

  • Pay your kids school fees
  • Travel to Dubai
  • Buy a house
  • Buy a car

 These are some of the examples you can use your money. You have to be specific on what you want to use it on. Write your intentions down somewhere and store them.

3. Be Clear about How much money you need

Needing money and wanting money are two different things. You have to be specific on how much money you will need. Wanting is a general term. You might only need a thousand dollars and not a million dollars.

How much will you need a month or a year? Find a quiet place where you can think critically. Note down the needs you have and the money you need.


4. Change your Mindset about Money and Believe its Good

Shift your thinking about wealth. We all have different mindsets on money and, this is due to our upbringing. Some words have stuck with us that having money is evil. But it’s not. It all depends on how you perceive it and what you will use it on.

Poverty is not a good feeling. It deprives you of your dignity so, how will having wealth to live an abundant life become evil. To change your mindset about money, you can practice saying positive affirmations daily in the morning such as:

  • I am a money magnet
  • Money comes to me easily
  • There is more than enough money in my life
  • My earnings surpass my expenses
  • Deserve a luxurious life
  • Want a better income
  • Have the power to create a wealthy and abundant life

5. Say Goodbye to your Limited Beliefs

Most of us have grown up in families that had negative beliefs about money. You would hear sayings such as;

  • Money can’t buy you happiness
  • It is the root of evil
  • Better to laugh on a bicycle than cry in a Mercedes.

All this has been said either from our parents or the environment we lived in. How do you expect yourself to have a good attitude about money with this kind of negative talk about it? It might be tricky. You have to change your thinking within you to attract it outside.

How do you let go of self-limiting beliefs: Most Important Step Towards Manifesting Money?

  • Write down positive affirmations about money and read them aloud each morning.
  • Meditate and visualize yourself having that luxurious life. 
  • Jot down each limiting belief you have on a paper and burn it. Release the negative emotions as the paper burns.
  • Have a gratitude journal. Write what you are grateful to have in your life. It might be the clothes you have, your car, a roof over your head. Just appreciate the little you have to attract the better on its way.
  • Create a dream board. Cut out pictures of your dream life in magazines and stick them to your board. Some people prefer pictures to words. Place the dream board in a place you can see daily in your bedroom. It will inspire you to attract that abundant life and change your mentality on money.

6.Take Action

All words without action will not yield much. You need to work hard on your goals and align your mind to attracting money. Working hard and manifesting the kind of wealth you need will increase your chances of the universe working in your favor.

 Final Thoughts

There you have it. Six easy steps on attracting money through manifesting money. It’s not as simple as it seems and requires you to take action and have consistent daily habits. The daily habits create your daily routine. Do the six steps daily for 30days and, you will be surprised at how money flows towards you. Money will come to you in ways you never imagined.

Take the first step today and see your life change before your eyes.