6 Crystals to Cleanse your Aura

Crystals for Aura Cleansing

Do you know how to cleanse your aura?

You may know that we have auras and that they can have different colors.

But, what are auras? And how can you cleanse them?

Crystals are a powerful spiritual tool for healing. They can heal the physical body as well as the subtle bodies. They have powerful energy, and that’s why they work so well to cleanse the aura.

Keep reading to find out how to cleanse your aura using crystals!

What is the aura?

Our aura is our electromagnetic field. Some esoteric authors call it the vital body. It refers to our energy, which is making us alive.

Our aura absorbs the energy of the things around us. When we are in places with low vibrations, we receive those energies in our auras.

When we discuss with other people, or we have negative thoughts, we vibrate low. Those negative vibrations affect our aura.

That’s why auras need regular cleansing. There are different ways to do it, including smudging, medicinal herbal baths, sound cleansing, and many others.

Today we’ll talk about crystal cleansing because it’s one of the easiest ways to cleanse your aura, detaching it from negative energy.

Crystals to Cleanse Your Aura

Crystals for Aura Cleansing

Crystals have a high vibration. They work by purifying the vital body, reenergizing, and eliminating negative energy. 

Each crystal has a different energy. Some crystals work better for some things, and others have different properties. Here are some crystals that work great for aura cleansing.

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Agate is a stone that comes in very different colors, and it’s easy to obtain. It gives emotional, physical, and mental balance. 

Agate also has a cleansing effect that acts on a physical and a subtle level. It cleans the lymphatic system and promotes digestion.

This crystal stabilizes the aura, removing and transmuting negative energy. 

Fire agate is a type of agate that links to the fire element. Like fire, it acts purifying and detoxifying the body. It energizes the subtle bodies and removes ethereal blockages from the aura. 


Tourmaline is a great stone for aura cleansing.

It transmutes dense energy into a lighter vibration by cleansing, purifying, and transforming it. 

This stone protects the body by grounding spiritual energy. It cleanses and harmonizes the chakras. Also, it creates a protective shield around the subtle body.

There are many ways to use tourmaline to cleanse the aura. Tourmaline wands are an effective way to remove blockages and negative energy from the subtle bodies. They help to bring balance to the body. 


Citrine is a beautiful yellow to yellowish-brown stone that is excellent to cleanse the aura. It has many healing properties since it detoxifies the blood and treats infections from the kidney and the bladder.

Citrine is one of the stones that never need cleansing because they cleanse themselves. It’s a  very protective stone because it absorbs negativity, and then transmutes it and dissipates it. 

This stone also helps balance and cleanse the chakras, especially the solar plexus and the sacral chakra.

It also purifies the subtle bodies, aligning them with the physical body.

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Fluorite is a highly spiritual and protective stone. It comes in very different colors, including purple, green, and blue.

This stone purifies and restores the aura. It’s a powerful treatment for computer and electromagnetic stress.  In a correct position, it prevents geopathic stress.

Fluorite is a therapeutic stone that removes negative energies and stress of all forms. It cleanses and reorganizes anything that’s not in perfect order within the body, purifying and banishing the negative energy.

Other types of fluorite, such as green and clear fluorite, are effective aura cleansers. Clear fluorite revitalizes the aura and harmonizes the chakras.


Selenite is a beautiful, translucent stone. It’s generally pure white and it has a strong connection with the moon.

Selenite offers a wide range of therapeutic properties. These include the ability to straighten the spine and enhance flexibility. It guards against epileptic convulsions.

With selenite, the most meaningful healing occurs at the energetic level. This stone is perfect for spiritual practices and meditation.

Selenite wands are very popular and relatively easy to find. Some of its uses include removing negative energy from the aura or stopping anything from affecting the mind.


Amethyst is one of the most spiritual stones, famous for its calming, relaxing effects. It has a very high vibration.

 This crystal helps to connect with the divinity, opening the third eye and stimulating the chakras.

Amethyst balances the subtle bodies and cleanses the aura. It works by transmuting negative energy. 

If you want to enhance your spiritual faculties, amethyst is the stone for you.

How to use crystals to cleanse your aura

Crystals to cleanse your aura 3

There are many ways to use crystals to cleanse your aura. The most common way is by brushing your entire body with the crystal.

Crystal wands are great tools to direct energy to a specific point, and they are useful for detaching negative entities from the aura.

You can also meditate while holding your crystals or placing crystals on your chakras or specific points of your body.

You can put crystals between you and your computer to protect against electromagnetic radiation, which affects the aura.

Prepare gem elixirs by putting crystals in a glass bowl with spring water and let them stand in sunlight for 12 hours. Then, remove the crystal and place the water in a glass container. 

Apply your elixir on your skin, spray it around the house or on yourself, or drink it. Make sure that the crystal is safe to consume or to use on the skin. Also, some crystals, such as selenite, are water-soluble.

Additionally, place crystals around your house or your bedroom to cleanse the atmosphere from any negative energy which may affect you or your loved ones.

Final thoughts on crystals to clean your Aura

Crystals are amazing spiritual tools. They have many healing properties depending on the crystal, but most of them have very high vibrations.

That makes them great aura cleansers and protectors. Now you have many options to help you to cleanse your aura. So, have fun, and always remember to do your research on the crystal you want to use. Enjoy the crystal healing!

Crystals to clean your aura are the simplest means to do it.