3 Simple Secrets to Finding Your True Calling


Simple Secrets to Finding Your True Calling

We reach a point in our lives and wish to know what our purpose in this life is. What am I meant to do in this life? The pressure to find your true calling is immense.

As humans, we spend a lot of time trying to figure out the answer to these questions. We overthink and analyze and have a great desire to discover our true calling. In addition to that, we do not accept ourselves hence, very few of us find our calling. We get stuck in the usual day-to-day living wishing things would be different without ever getting to reach our potential.

You have read several articles on how to discover your purpose, read self-help books, spoken to life coaches, and spent a lot of money to get answers. Trying all these methods is ok but, it can lead to an overload of information. You may feel that you are not getting the answers you need.

Our purpose in this life is very close to us, and it is simple. It is not impossible and you do not need to search for it for the rest of your life. You already have the answers with you. You know yourself better than anybody else and you can find the answers if you purposefully look within yourself.

The truth is that it may not happen overnight. But if you have the right mindset and align your energy to the universe for answers and relax, your true calling will easily show itself to you quickly. Read ahead as you get to find out three secrets that worked wonders in my life to help me find my purpose.

What Are Your Strengths?

What are the things that you do without breaking a sweat? I mean what do you do effortlessly and comes to you naturally? These activities may seem normal to you and you may take them for granted. But, to others, doing what you do with little effort, may not be easy.

Have you ever been in the office and instead of working you are looking at the clock? Thinking about the time you will be leaving? Well, it means whatever you are doing does not align with your energy. Your strengths are aligned with your energy, to create that perfect flow of life.

Try to remind yourself of a time you did an activity and did not notice the time pass you by or got distracted. A time that you were 100% fully present. Identify those activities.

Finding it Challenging

If you find it challenging, you can ask an honest friend to help you identify your strengths. Ask them what kind of work you do impresses them.

Another method you can use to find your strengths is by listening to this audio and get to discover your hidden past life and your true calling.

Write your weaknesses too. Identifying your shortcomings expects you to be honest about how you run your life. List down everything that you find difficulties in doing.

Once you have listed your strengths and weaknesses, focus more on your strengths. Do more activities that give credit to your abilities. It is not an easy route as it means you will have to let go of habits you have formed in your past.

But with persistence and hard work, you can turn your life around. By utilizing your strengths and aligning with your flow, you will get the best out of your life. You will get to find your true calling.

Take Action

After college, I was looking for something to keep me busy before graduation. So I applied to different organizations in the hopes of getting employment. Unfortunately, I got no answer yet, the organizations I was dropping my CV were associated with what I had studied.

So I decided to change tactics and applied to a different organization that deals with customer care. Yet, I had studied business management. It was my first time in customer care management. I took online courses, practiced at home how to speak to clients, and found a mentor to help me do the job to the best of my ability.

As months progressed, I began to love and enjoy my work. I decided to focus my career on customer management as I had become so good at it.

The moral of the story, you can find your purpose by pushing yourself out there and doing something different from what you expected. I never knew I would love solving clients’ problems on the phone. Take action as your purpose will not find you sitting down thinking.

Resist Your Fears

Resist Your Fears

In the pursuit of finding your purpose, you will experience failure along the way. Failure is part of life. Do not feel defeated if you try to do something and it fails. The pressure to succeed and have everything figured out by a certain age is immense, especially on social media.

This pressure can lead you to avoid trying new things and feeling discouraged. Some people have resorted to living a fake lifestyle to keep up with the Joneses. Most social media profiles are not living life fully but trying anything to get by and get limited satisfaction.

You need to beat the fear of trying new activities out to get closer to your true calling, . You can’t find your purpose filled with fear of failure or what other people will think if things don’t work out. Do something small as a test. It is wise to take a step before you go full in.

Are you interested in opening a retail shop? Start selling clothes to your colleague at work. Are you interested in becoming a public speaker? Speak in small gatherings to build your confidence.

Finally, the more you take steps in these small activities, the more you become confident in your strengths and fully understand yourself. As the saying goes, experience is the best teacher. These small steps will draw you closer to your true calling.